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Considerations for using Crawl mat
Dec 25, 2018

Crawling is an important part of the baby's growth process. Baby practice crawling, strengthen exercise for the baby's growth is more favorable. Children crawl mats so they come into being.

Different from the past most of the stitching pad foam, in recent years, environmental protection of climbing mats continue to appear, become the baby sports, play an important supplies.

Premium Baby crawl Pad function:

1. Be sure to have the function of puzzle, which is beneficial to your baby's physical and mental development.

2. The need for security protection. The thickness of the high quality crawl pad is convenient for the baby to move and can protect its play from injury. The baby will crawl after. The possibility of reaching out to parents who do not want to be touched has increased a lot.

But climbing pads can increase parent-child interaction.

Use what you want to be aware of:

Don't let your baby bite the mat with her teeth.

Avoid touching with sharp artifacts

And do not smear with oily pens or colored pencil books so that traces cannot be erased

Please note that the product should be kept away from fire, heat source

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