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Introduction to your baby's crawling time period
Dec 25, 2018

According to the small part of the general situation, the baby in 7-9 months to start crawling, of course, there are about 5-6 months of the baby will crawl, of course, this is a special situation, so when the baby 7 months, the mothers will start to prepare to buy children crawl pad,

The two months at which your baby starts crawling is very important because people experience crawling to walking from birth, and if you learn to walk directly without learning to crawl, you will have a bad effect on your baby's limb development, so you will have to buy a child crawl pad when you start crawling the mat. Mothers will start to pay attention to some of your baby's activities after 5 months, and always observe if your baby's limbs want to move, if there are signs of activity, or you can put your baby on the bed to see if your baby has any signs of wanting to start crawling. If so, start buying child crawl pads.

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