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What are the benefits of play mat for your baby
Dec 25, 2018

Mom and dad should encourage the baby to crawl more, crawling on the baby's growth and development has a great help and benefits, so what are the benefits of crawling for the baby?

First, crawling needs to raise and turn the head left and right, is conducive to the exercise of neck muscles;

Second, crawling requires the strength of the arms and wrists to support the entire upper body, therefore, conducive to the exercise of arms and wrist strength, for the future with pen graffiti, with a spoon to eat are good;

Third, crawling, the need for the joint participation of the upper limbs and lower limbs, and to maintain the coordination of action, conducive to the exercise of the baby's coordination ability, so that the baby learn to walk, not easy to fall, enhance the flexibility of movement.

Climbing is also beneficial to the development of your baby's bones and nervous system.

Fourth. contributing to the coordination of capacity development The body must be in harmony with sensory messages, hands, eyes and feet in order to effectively complete the crawling action. The benign stimuli received during the crawling process can promote the development of the baby's spatial intelligence.

Babies also know where they are because of crawling, and how to avoid obstacles, which helps to form abstract concepts and is beneficial for mathematical learning in the future. Five, crawling stimulates the inner ear or vestibular system, helps maintain a sense of balance, and hand-eye coordination has the same effect.

In addition, crawling also helps the balanced development of the left and right brain, understanding and memory. Crawling can help your baby accumulate life experience, children through crawling can relieve the surrounding environment and food, climbing pad wholesale can promote the development of the baby's cognitive ability, learning the necessary skills in life.

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