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Why can't the newly purchased Crawl mat be used directly
Dec 25, 2018

Just bought climbing pad can not be directly used, must first clean, it is best to bask in the sun, and then to the baby to use. Crawl pad use for a period of time in the future, there will be dust and food residue or something, as well as the baby's defecation, need to clean and wash in time, and then in the sun exposure, sterilization and disinfection in the future roll up. can also buy two climbing pads in turn to replace to the baby to use.

Crawl pad If fixed for a long time in a place, do not let the weight pressure, a long time kneading words will cause the mat deformation. When buying crawling mats for your baby, the most important thing is to think about your child's health, so say whether it is a manufacturer dealer or a customer our goal direction is the same, is to provide a safe environment for the baby.

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