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Baby Learn To Crawl Meaning
Dec 25, 2018

Some parents take care of the baby very careful, even if the baby will climb the age of the moon, but also because of fear of dirt on the ground, afraid of the baby on the ground cold, afraid of breaking and so on, always holding or pushing the baby, did not give the baby to create conditions for learning to climb, thus depriving the baby of the opportunity to climb.

If the baby does not experience crawling, learn to walk, although it will not have a serious impact on his life, but it is possible after the baby to school after the lack of concentration, poor coordination skills and so on.

1, improve the baby's ability to move

Crawling is a comprehensive strong body fitness activities, during the baby can crawl, let the baby crawl more, help to see hearing, spatial position feeling, balance feeling of development, promote the coordination of the body, but also promote bone, muscle growth and development.

2, enhance the physique

Crawling is the first time the baby's whole body coordinated exercise, can exercise the chest muscles, dorsal muscles, abs and limb muscle strength, and crawling energy consumption is greater, help the baby eat more, sleep well, weight and height grow fast.

3. Improve parent-child communication

Crawling can improve communication between mother and child, after the baby will climb, under the guidance of parents to achieve a growing number of successful experiences, and can make the baby crawl in the excitement, success, failure and other rich experience, which can be said to be the most critical of the baby, these experiences can enrich the baby's feelings.

Studies have shown that often crawling babies are more excited when they see their parents than those who don't crawl.

4. Promote brain development

Baby crawling contributes to the development of the brain, because crawling requires the cooperation between the brain, the cerebellum, more crawling can enrich the nerve connection between the large and cerebellum, effectively promote the growth of the baby's brain, need to go through many studies, practice, each crawl is the brain enthusiasm of the transfer and stimulation, therefore, Learning crawling is actually an intensive training session on the function of the brain nerve system.

5. Promoting language development

Baby language communication frequency, depending on the frequency of body language, will crawl the baby constantly with their own body to explore the surrounding world, there are many actions with the results of the unknown, so parents language is significantly more frequent than will not climb the baby, in the parents of constant language cues, body language, Rationality is much faster than the development of babies who do not crawl.

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