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Classification Of Crawling Mats
Dec 25, 2018

Depending on the type can be divided into splicing crawl pad, integral crawl pad, folding crawl pad and sound crawling pad

1) Splicing crawl pad: No limit on the area, can be freely stitched, but need to prevent the left food residual value, liquid deep stitching fine seam, not easy to clean. and splicing crawling pad storage is more occupied volume, easy to disperse storage.

2) Integral crawling pad: fixed size, need to have rain crawl pad area in the home to match the place, relatively easy to clean, food or baby urine can be easily wiped with a damp cloth.

3) Folding Crawl pad: In the overall pad on the basis of the use of machine indentation folding, dirty cleaning convenience, can be easily wiped with wet cloth, storage is relatively simple, fold after the area is small, do not occupy the place.

4) Audio crawling pad: Audio crawling pad is a new type of crawling pad, composed of three parts: crawling pad, point reading pen and function card. Through the ground pad implanted high-tech stealth point reading Code, and then paired with the knowledge database with point reading pen and sound, set puzzle, sports, learning, games, leisure, recording and other multi-functional and integrated. But it is not easy to clean, and the brand is less.

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