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Definition Of Crawl Mat
Dec 25, 2018

Crawling pad is a kind of baby crawling auxiliary supplies, the material mainly has XPE material, PVC material, EPE material. Crawling mats on the market are generally made of PVC or EPE (Expandablepolyethylene, idiopathic polyethylene, also known as Pearl Cotton), as well as a mid-range high-density XPE material and cling film combination, the middle layer for pearl foam cotton, the surface is a cling film.

Baby crawling pad originated in Japan and South Korea, and in the Japanese and Korean market maturing, at present, China is the production of EPE material film synthesis more love starting layer is not easy to clean, the Chinese market awareness is also gradually formed.

Baby crawling pad has many aliases, children's mats, baby climbing mats, baby game mats, baby activity mats, in fact, are refers to baby crawling mats.

In addition, there are now some "sound crawling mats" on the market. Audio crawling pad is a new type of crawling pad, which consists of three parts: crawling pad, point reading pen and function card. Through the ground pad implanted high-tech stealth point reading Code, and then paired with the knowledge database with point reading pen and sound, set puzzle, sports, learning, games, leisure, recording and other functions in one. Audio crawling pad is an intelligent high-tech early Education leisure products, its appearance, marking the crawling pad into the audio age.

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