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How To Buy Crawl Mat
Dec 25, 2018

1, the choice of crawling pad, material safety is the first, because the baby often in the crawling pad activities, so be sure to ensure safety.

No matter how much money the price of the crawling pad, we must choose non-toxic tasteless, in order to ensure that the product has no taste, we can buy in advance for a period of time before the baby to use, so more safe.

2, in the purchase can use the hand to press the crawling pad, good quality crawling pad with the hand press down will soon recover, and poor quality of the press down to a little time to recover or simply can not restore leveling.

3, when shopping, with white paper towels on the crawling pad friction, to observe whether the discoloration.

When choosing a crawling pad, choose not to fade, if the discoloration, the baby is easy to eat the dye into the stomach.

4, carefully use jigsaw puzzle pad, try to use the whole crawling pad. Some families will choose jigsaw pad, although the jigsaw pad can be changed shape according to space, but once the baby urine on the top, it is necessary to remove a lot of pieces of the puzzle to wipe urine, otherwise the urine will seep over the pad into the floor, scrub is very troublesome. and the whole crawling pad will not have such a drawback.

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