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Thickness Of Crawl Mat
Dec 25, 2018

1, crawling pad size and thickness are different, we need to choose according to the floor and decoration of the home and the size of the space.

In general, geothermal households can choose about 0.5 cm, while ordinary families can choose 1.2 cm thick.

If you are in the summer, you can choose a relatively thinner one, and if you use it in winter, choose a thicker one.

2, crawling pad width generally has 1.5x2 rice or 2x2 rice, of course, there are many different sizes, we can choose according to the size of the room.

3, crawling pad has a lot of beautiful patterns, we can choose according to the preferences of children. You can also choose with letters, numbers, animals, fruit patterns, so it is also convenient to teach the baby to learn cognition, do both.

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