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  • Baby Gym XPE Puzzle Playmat

    Child is the center of a family, with their grown up, each parent want to give them the best protection when they start the activity. Our baby gym XPE puzzle play mat is emerged, our playmat have...
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  • XPE Alphabet Puzzle Play Mat

    XPE is a kind of very good material, except roll play mat, it's also a very good material to produce puzzle play mat. Our XPE alphabet puzzle play mat is waterproof, anti-slip, and very durable....
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  • Eco-friendly XPE Foam Baby Play Mat

    XPE is a better choice that use produce baby play mat. Because it have stable chemical property and it's not easy to decompounding. XPE is a kind of non toxic and non odor material. So we use it...
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  • Non Toxic Crawling Baby Puzzle Playmat

    Our XPE puzzle play mat not only meet the US standard, it also comply with the EU standard. We use non toxic raw material to produce non toxic crawling baby puzzle playmat. Our XPE puzzle play mat...
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  • XPE Baby Nursery Floor Mats

    When your baby is born, you are thinking how to nurse your baby better, how to make them to avoid all of the potential injuries in home. We also thought about this problem, so we produced baby...
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  • Educational Kids XPE Puzzle Playmat

    Our baby play mat not only just a simple puzzle play mat. There are different patterns on the mat. We have basic 26 letters and number patterns, it's very vivid in the process to teach baby to...
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  • XPE Puzzle Play Pads for Infants

    Recently, XPE is become more and more popular in manufacturing industry, it's very good material to produce thermal-protective coating, car floor mat, and play mat etc. So we choose it to produce...
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  • Portable Non-slip XPE Foldable Playmat

    Except XPE roll play mat, we also produce XPE foldable playmat. They use the same material, but have different shape and feature. Our portable non-slip XPE foldable playmat is not only can use...
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  • Eco-friendly Foldable Baby XPE Play Mat

    Our foldable baby XPE play mat use the acknowledged eco-friendly raw material. XPE is the Polyethylene foaming material, it's environment-friendly and tasteless. It won't do any harm to the...
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  • Waterproof Folding XPE Folding Baby Play Mat

    Our waterproof XPE folding baby play mat use the high density foam as raw material, it's a kind of very durable material. The surface is colorful printing, it's very good-looking and attractive to...
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  • Extra Large Baby XPE Folding Play Mat

    We usually recommend our 200cm*180cm extra large baby XPE folding play mat, it is five folds. When you open it and place it on the ground, it's big enough for baby and parents to use it, and it...
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  • XPE Foldable Baby Play Mat

    Our XPE foldable baby play mat is more and more popular in the market now. Compared with some cheaper material play mat, we would like to recommend our XPE play mat. And if you want a kind of...
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